Tim Davila

Tim Davila

Web Developer // Digital Strategist // Runner // Dad

All my life I've been a builder.

While my choice of medium has changed over time, from Lego spaceships to theatre sets to homemade speakers, the desire to create has been a consistent force in my life. There's a special magic in having an idea and turning it into something that others can also experience.

I'm a proud Texas Tech graduate.

When I started college, I enrolled in a technical theatre program, intending to go into audio or set production for theatre and work my way into Hollywood to work on blockbuster films. I changed course a year later when I discovered the web as a medium for creation, and haven't looked back. (though I have a minor in theatre to this day)

I work for the internet.

By day I build web applications at Pursuant, a small company working to revolutionize how nonprofits grow their mission and increase their impact on people's lives.

When I'm not working, I enjoy reading, running, and grilling out with my family.